Why Go Green?

Building a sustainable internet has never been more important.

How Your Website Could Contribute to a Greener Future

It's hard to imagine that the internet could have a carbon footprint. In actual fact, the internet is the fastest growing contributor to global greenhouse emissions. Most experts believe it will become the dominant carbon polluting industry in a matter of years. That’s why we are committed to cleaning up the internet industry, one website at a time. We've even signed the sustainable web manifesto to solidify our commitment. Here are some of the ever-growing list of ways we make our web projects more sustainable:

Green Web Hosting

We partner with GreenGeeks, the world’s #1 green energy web hosting provider, to bring you guilt-free hosting. This is done by calculating the amount of energy used to house and cool the servers, then pushing 300% of that amount back into the grid in the form of clean, renewable energy.

Media Optimisation

High resolution images and video are one of the biggest contributors to long load times and energy consumption. We are selective when it comes to media, only using it when necessary and making sure all images are optimised to the smallest possible file size while maintaining quality.

Web Caching

Web caching is the storage of elements like Javascript, CSS and images for reuse, which reduces the overall transfer of data and improves site performance. This reduces the amount of energy required to load a page you’ve visited before, with the added benefit of decreasing load times and providing extra insurance against blackouts.

Lean Code

Every time you visit a website, your browser is loading line after line of code. Computers read from top to bottom, just like we do. This means that poor code structure can result in wasted energy as your computer scrolls through redundant or duplicated lines. Our code is streamlined and structured logically to reduce waste and maximise performance.

Easy Navigation

Nothing will frustrate your visitors more than a clumsy navigation structure. We make sure your website is laid out in the simplest way possible, so your visitors can find their way around with ease. Fewer wasted clicks means less energy spent loading unnecessary pages.